With the lanch of F2P, the ability to add player created user interface elements was born. These can be somewhat buggy and difficult for many to install and get working though, so here are some tips on how to use the tools that come with the game. If you want to play with the user created elements, visit http://www.lotrointerface.com/

Moving It Around

In most cases, people don't like the default locations for many of the UI elements. If you want to do some rearranging press Ctrl + Backslash Handles will be added to all moveable elements that you can use to drag them around. When you have everything in the perfect place, press Ctrl + Backslash to lock it all down.

Enable Skill Target Forwarding

Location: Options -> Combat Options -> 5th on list

Purpose: When you have this option selected your skills will pay a sort of hop scotch. Take for instance you are healing. Most of the time whoever has aggro on the boss will need the most healing. With this skill turned on you can keep the boss targeted and focus your healing on him. All of your heals will jump through him to whoever he has targeted. The same goes for DPS. You select the tank and all of your skills will attack his target.

Show the Vitals of Your Selection's Target

Location: Options -> Combat Options -> 7th on list

Purpose: As you tab through or select different mobs or players you can see what their target is. Clicking on a player is helpful to ensure they are on the correct target. If you're DPSing and see the mob switch it's target to you, you know to slow down DPS. If you're tanking and see the mob selecting a player other than yourself you know you need to hit it a few times.

In the example above, you can see that Talonn has the Grim Tomb-Wight targeted. The smaller moral bar between the two is the target's selection. In this case the Tomb-Wight has Sacz selected.

Raid Assist Panel

Location: Social Panel -> Raid Tab -> Check box in bottom

Purpose: In many cases the person in the assist window is the DPS target. You can have both melee and ranged assist targets. You can also have healing targets such as the tank. When it is up the assist target's selection will be shown in the right hand side of the box. Clicking that name will make it your target. It makes life so much easier when they're telling you to get on the assist target you can click in one place. This item is the single most important thing to use in the Moors and most raids.

In this picture, Talonn's target is a Grim Tomb-wight. Clicking on that text will make it your target.

Group Effect Options

Location: Options -> Social Options -> Group Effect Options -> Only Show Dispellable Effects/Only Show Effects Cast By You

Purpose: When turned on, these effects can make your lives so much easier. Whether your the hunter curing poisons or the captian buffing people everyone should have this turned on. With 'Only Show Dispellable Effects' it will hide all the buffs on your fellowship members making it very easy to see if someone has a poison, fear, wound, ect so you can clear it off of them ASAP. Only show effects Cast By You is very hany for the buffers and the healers. Rather than showing the buffs that everyone has on the fellowship you can see yours and know when they are expired. With both of these turned on, it will help make you a better player.

In this example, both effects are turned on. As you can see, you don't see if these players have eaten food or what stance they're in or if they have put buffs on themselves. What you do see is that both Belegarod and Foxhunter have fears and wounds that need to be cleared up. Also on Belegarod you can see that the the main character in this fellowship isn an RK. You can see his personal combat effects that are heal over times. If the person playing in the fellowship was a captian you may see buffs on the toons and different HOT icons.